The global marketplace for regenerative forest investment

2021 — Venture by Brainforest

Xilva Global operates as a digital conduit, linking investors with opportunities in the realm of regenerative forests. The company collaborates with various entities, assisting them in identifying and funding projects that align with their unique climate and impact goals. Xilva's platform showcases a diverse array of promising forest projects from across the globe. Utilizing their proprietary methodology, Xilva GRADE, they aim to offer a secure and trustworthy environment for capital providers to invest with confidence.

The mission of Xilva Global is both simple and ambitious: they aim to mobilize substantial funds to enable and scale forests at an unprecedented level. Driven by a commitment to the environment and the belief in the power of strategic investment, they aspire to make a significant impact on the global community. By facilitating investment in regenerative forests, they hope to strike a balance between profitability and social responsibility. This mission underscores their commitment to conducting business ethically and making a meaningful difference in the world.