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Who we are?

Brainforest is the first for-impact venture studio for forests and climate, striving for entrepreneurial solutions to unlock the climate potential of forests at speed, scale and quality. Brainforest was founded by a powerful combination of business entrepreneurs and NGO experts in December 2019 in Switzerland and is enabled by the Migros Pioneer Fund, a part of the social commitment of the Migros Group. By 2023, Brainforest aims to have unleashed at least CHF 500 million of new capital globally for additional forests.

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Please contact our media relations team if you have any questions about our news, our team, activities or events at Brainforest or if you are looking for an expert to provide background information or to assess current situations and developments. We will be pleased to help and look forward hearing from you.

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Media Releases


December 6, 2021: Start-ups for more forests and a better climate

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December 6, 2021: Start-ups für mehr Wald und besseres Klima

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